Firearm Transfers

You purchased a firearm through some auction site or out of some catalog. They can't just send you the gun through the mail. How are they going to get the firearm to you?

Here is how:

You provide us with the information on the Firearm Transfer Form and then we send a copy of our FFL (Federal Firearms License) to the dealer you are purchasing the firearm from. Once they get our license, they know that we are a legitimate FFL and they can ship us the firearm. When we get the firearm in, we give you a call. You come to IFA and fill out the appropriate paperwork for your background check. A fee of $30.00 per item (For example: 1 gun = $30.00 2 guns = $60.00). $20.00 for all Leo's or First Responders.. Must show Id at pick up. NFA products $175.00 each.  Ammo transfers are $8.00.

*One detail - we do not send our license to individuals. We only send our license to other FFL's. If you are buying the firearm from an individual, they do not need a copy of our license. They can simply send the firearm to us - with a copy of their driver license. They do, however, need to confirm all of this with us before sending it. They can call IFA at:


  • When a customer has a gun shipped from another FFL or out of state, when does the waiting period begin? The waiting period starts when the agreement is reached with the seller. It need not be the FFL making the transfer of the firearm. If the firearm was paid for and/or shipped from another FFL, the waiting period began prior to when the FFL conducting the transfer received the firearm.  
  • Email us your CCL/FOID and Drivers License  ASAP. 

Buy/Trade Firearms

  • We buy used guns and accept them as trade-ins; however we do not quote prices by email or phone. We must see the gun in order to offer a purchase price or trade-in value.
  • You can contact us to get prices and availability of most items.
  • Price quotes are based on current pricing from our distributors and manufacturers and are subject to increases if the item's price goes up.
  • We will make every effort to obtain items on special orders, but delivery is subject to availability. We will give you an approximate delivery based on the information we receive from our source.
  • Deposits are required for all special orders.

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